Your Super is one of the most important assets you will ever have, as it will effectively be what determines your quality of life in your 'golden years'. While everyday life keeps us busy, your Super fund is maturing until the time comes for you to retire and start drawing from it.

After many years of employment in different fields, your Super could be scattered around in numerous different accounts being charged unnecessary fees and not peforming to its maximum potential. Did you know that over the 40 old years that you are working, having your super invested and managed correctly can mean the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars? It is the difference between spending your retirement scrimping and worrying, or cruising the Bahamas three times a year and being able to spoil your grandkids rotten!

Owen Harris and Associates specialise in the advice, compliance and audit services to Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) in conjunction with specialist advisory practice. We work closely with you and our friends at Superannuation Solutions Australia Pty Ltd to ensure that your future is looking bright.

Unlike the big corporations, at Owen Harris and Associates you won't have to explain your SMSF needs every time you talk to someone. We have a friendly family atmosphere and we will ensure we know where you are up to. No more having a new SMSF account manager every 6 months!

So what’s the difference between a Superannuation fund and a Self managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)? Well to make it very simple, an SMSF is worked to your benefit. You become a trustee and the object of the game is to provide retirement benefits to fund members, keeping within the statutory laws and regulations of a SMSF scheme. Our vast knowledge and exceptional expertise will ensure you can maximise the benefits of a SMSF.

There are a LOT of rules and regulations that the government has put on SMSF owners - and thats where we come in. All SMSF administrators handle and review accounts individually so you can rest assured that we will assist you to maximise the bang you get for your buck (and over 40 years, bang for buck adds up!). With expert knowledge on the regulations and restrictions of the funds, we will be able to help you maximise and personalise your Self Managed Super.

Our SMSF auditors can make your yearly audits seem like a walk in the park. What you find stressful, we find exciting. Contact us today for a friendly chat about your Super.

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